Grammy's House is a term affectionately used by our two grandchildren, Xavier and Sophia. Our sweet Sophia, resides here with us. We named our 100 year old Victorian home Rose Water Cottage when we moved here, in June of 2011. It is quite a haven for grownups who are weary of being grownups. So, welcome to our storybook world...where magic happens every day.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Cottage Kitchen

I was on the phone, this morning, with Zach from Penzey spices.  What a small small world it is...

We had visited their store in Winter Park a year and a half ago, and I loved their old-fashioned kitchen in the back..the cutest display I had ever seen in a store.  The farm sink and little Philco-type fridge became my vision for our little cottage kitchen, in much need of a makeover.

So Tim searched and found a 1940's farm sink...

...and Phia can't get enough "washing bishes" time...

We acquired a 1950's Philco, but after some time, we realized it was just too small and found a company that makes reproduction refrigerators..Big Chill... in Buttercup Yellow..

...the exact shade of our 1930's Chambers gas stove...

So..back to Zach... I just had to tell him how much I had loved the shop in Winter Park, Florida, wishing we had a shop here in Nashville.  I told him about the little kitchen display that had been the inspiration for our kitchen.  It just so happens...he is related to the founder of Penzey's and lives in the home of the grandmother, whose kitchen farm sink was the inspiration for the store's displays in all 70 locations.
Yes...it was a moment..
It had made his day...
and it had made mine.
I told him he could visit my blog and see pictures, and gave him the address.
Well, after quite a search, I could not find the photos. Also...I didn't want him to have trouble finding them. My goodness, if I couldn't ...he didn't stand a chance.
So, my new friend Zach...welcome to this Grammy's house. A hug to Granny, for me...and a hug to you for making my morning with your cheerful voice and for helping me with such fervor.

Our kitchen is now the perfect setting for all of the sweet things I find on Susan Branch's website... as it is painted in the sweet shade of blue she used for years, Summer Shower....

Blessings friends ....especially Zach, Granny, and the Penzey family


  1. It is such a small world, I live next to Winter Park in Orlando. I will have to check out the store.
    Merry Christmas,
    Amy Jo

  2. Love you Ms.Christie and I hope to visit again someday and walk back in time with you.

  3. Adorable, just adorable! I want to move in! {I can bring another Peter Rabbit mug, and a Flopsy Bunny one to}
    Hugs From Across The Pond xoxo

  4. Dear Christie,

    What a sweet kitchen you have! You should be a Country Living feature (or maybe Romantic Homes). My dream is to have a real farm kitchen (hopefully soon!), and to put it to full use!

    May you and yours have a peaceful, beautiful Christmas season, filled with Light and Hope.



  5. Dearest Christie, I have been so long away, without internet and have missed you so!!
    How wonderful it has been to come over and see all these beautiful lovely images!
    I will be returning often now to catch up!
    Happy New Year Love and Blessings Linnie