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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Making Chai in a Happy Cottage Kitchen

I love our happy kitchen.
 Even when it's cold or dreary or rainy or dismal outside...
it is happy in here....

I am happy that we finally have our dream kitchen..

..that we modeled after the charming display we saw a few years ago in
 Penzey Spices, Winter Park, Florida..

I'm especially happy when I see this happy Santa looking back at me....

Thank you dear Susan Branch for creating a new Christmas dishtowel...

...and for a pretty Christmas Recipe book to remind us that our kitchen truly is the heart of the home...

...especially in the midst of this season.... 
And a huge thank you to fellow girlfriend, Janie, for the snowflake garland! 
Phia and I love the pretty shimmery flakes:)

So when I saw what Alicia Paulson had whipped up in her kitchen
at www.rosylittlethings.com
and decided it would be just the right thing to whip up for those on my Christmas list,
I commenced planning and ordering.
(and thanked her for the perfectly perfect idea;)

Once everything arrived, via express mail,  (for time was of the essence) I was quite excited.
Penzey spices ...mini-weck jars ....disposable paper tea bags....
recipe printed...

cute little stickers on the spice jars...

intoxicating fragrance..

(I'm now in love with fresh Cardamom pods)



Everything into a pan and into the oven for 5 minutes...
and when your entire Happy Kitchen is filled with the fragrance of cloves,  cinnamon sticks, and the blending of the remaining spices...
...be prepared..
for when you open the door of your oven...

You will want your home to always smell just like this.

Allow the spices to cool and then distribute evenly on a cutting board.
Using your rolling pin...crunch carefully over the spices, in order to release even more fragrance..
as if it can possibly get any better.
In a bowl, mix the spices with PG Tips loose tea.
(I went for the big bag, as this tea is fabulous with the mix, but equally as delicious by itself)

After filling all my little mini-weck jars, there was just enough left over to fix a batch for taste-testing....

I brewed the Chai tea mix, according to instructions...steep ....add milk...
and used my Emma Bridgewater tea pot and mug...and a cute little strainer....
(I didn't use the fillable tea bags or infusers for this batch)

I'm just going to tell you right now...have honey handy...
it is THE perfect sweetener...trust me...

I also loved having a good reason to use my special honey spoon....
a treasure, crafted by Julie Whitmore. 
 (Google her...she creates the MOSt darling pottery)

...and since I mentioned Julie...I have to show you the first spoon I purchased from her...

Really! ...is there anything sweeter than a bunny bun sniffing hollyhocks?
I just don't know that there is!

Okay...back to the preparing... 
I guess I could have copied a set of instructions for everyone, 
but you know me... 
....It had to be cute...pretty...pleasing to the eye...

The little jars were tucked into gift bags, along with enough fillable teabags, and the Instruction card.

I had so much fun with this gift preparation. 
I am sure it's because it was a combination of baking and crafting.
...my two favorite things... 
...especially because I was in my happy cottage kitchen...
The Heart of our Home

Hoping your Christmas was wonderful ...
that you were blessed with the comforting fragrances of home

Blessings for a Happy New Year


  1. Oh my! I think I can smell it from here! Your kitchen is so darling, Christie! I love the pink cabinet knobs (of course...my fave color) and the morning glory valance....so sweet! Love coming to vusit Grammy's blog! You always have something so sweet to bring joy to my day! Love you!....Karen

  2. Ooooh, Christie! Too delicious ... a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds! How delightful it must be to be YOU in your charming cottage. Thanks for sharing, and blessings to you and yours in the coming year!

    Sharon in Alabama

  3. That is one of my favorite photos of Phia--the excitement on her face--pure delight! Your kitchen is so warm and inviting...just like you! May all your dreams come true in 2014!

  4. I just adore your house! It must be like living in a fairytale! I must try that tea recipe. I think cardamon is my favourite spice {hard to choose really, as I love fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger etc too~~~hmmm!} anyway, I am very partial to cardamon, and sometimes add it to my coffee as they do in both Iceland and India! May All Your Dreams and Wishes come true in 2014
    Debs xoxo
    Waving from Across The Pond in Wales!

  5. Happy New Year Christie!!
    Mmmmm I can just smell those wonderful fragrances in your toooo BEAUTIFUL kitchen!! How cozy and LOVELY everything is!!
    Blessings to you and your DEAR Family and Eliza for the New Year, Love Linnie

  6. Oooooh this sounds oh so delish!! I can smell it from here. I have never had Chair tea but will surely give it a try. Thank you for the tips! Love the pottery spoons....will have to Google her. Cottage and kitchen look precious as always. Wishing you and the family hope, health and happiness in 2014. Love you girlfriend!!

  7. Love your little curtain in the picture with the snowflakes strung across. I have that very same Susan Branch book and I also have lots \of Emma Bridgewater pottery...just ;like you! X

  8. Oooh, that tea sounds amazing! I bet it tastes and smells delicious! I absolutely love your kitchen! It's darling! I love all the quaint touches. You home is lovely and beautiful~

    Danielle xo

  9. Day one for me :) Your blog is beautiful! I love this post and all your treasures and pretties :) Thank you for inviting us in <3
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

  10. Oh how I love your happy little kitchen too! It is just that...HAPPY! You've got the type of farmer's sink with curtain that I dream of having someday. Right now, however I do have some chai tea in my drawer and you've set my mouth to watering so I'm off to put the kettle on! Enjoy your day (and doing your dishes too!)

    ps- thanks ever so much for the" tweety" e-mail but I'm afraid I'll have to miss out on the fun as I don't have an account. :( natalie jo

  11. Good to see you again on my blog post, I know you've been a busy bee. I think your kitchen sink is the very best I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them... we have two farm sinks that don't even compare> Your kitchen, as I remember is full of charm and nostalgia. Who wouldn't fall in love with all those neat little seed pods and spices! I can almost smell them all the way over here, makes me want a pot of Chai... I think I have some in the cupboard. We will be in Nashville at the end of the month doing the Garden SHow at the fairgrounds, do you ever attend?

  12. Christie, Christie! How fun it was to see you again; I swear, I can't believe how we have such parallel thought processes in the creative realm. I see on your side bar that Eliza has a new wardrobe just like my MAMSEY has! Oh this so is very tiring, I can't wait to go home tomorrow and have a nice long sleep. Thank you for sending your dear friends my way, it is amazing how many like- minded souls are out there, isn't it?!

  13. I meant to say, "this Show Is so tiring"...

  14. Can you believe I'm already thinking about what homemade gifts I can do for Christmas 2014? This looks so lovely- I think I should start collecting the items now to slowly get prepared! Your kitchen is my dream kitchen. xx

  15. Dear Christie,
    Oh what a charming kitchen you have created... Your home is beautiful.. I love the pottery you purchased from Julie.. She is very talented... the bunny is so sweet..
    It was such a joy to see your beautiful face on Jeri's post! You two looked so lovely and so happy!
    I know you must be ever so busy, but I sure hope you can post more often..
    Sending you a warm hug,

  16. Ooooh Miss Grammy Christy Dear!!!
    We miss you ever so much!!!
    Love Hugs and Blessings, Linnie

  17. Shucks! I wrote my first comment without signing in with Google! I have just found your blog via Brenda whose tweets I am following as she enjoys MV. I can't wait to order your books! Also, I am a resident of Tennessee and have even made the rounds of Franklin more than once or twice! This is such an exciting find!

  18. Oops! I misspoke in the above comment. It is Belinda who has led me to you!