Grammy's House is a term affectionately used by our two grandchildren, Xavier and Sophia. Our sweet Sophia, resides here with us. We named our 100 year old Victorian home Rose Water Cottage when we moved here, in June of 2011. It is quite a haven for grownups who are weary of being grownups. So, welcome to our storybook world...where magic happens every day.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Christmas Memory

My dear friends...
Winter weather has us in hibernation mode...

Even my dear Bella in Rose Stockings (by the talented Christine LeFever) is staying close by her black cookstove..

and we are staying close by the fire, as well...

knitting on most days,
(the Tasha Tudor Cottage Shawl I have been promising my mother, since Christmas '11)

snuggling with Scout in the quilts...

and working fervently on Goat's Milk and Gardening, book 10, for spring,

along with another rhyming book ...This is Our Cottage of White...

...and this is the real door, aged one hundred and four....

But I cannot go without posting the most precious of Christmas Memories.
My dear, dear friend...who Jeri Landers and I refer to as "Our Mary"...
gifted me with the most precious little music box.
I knew, immediately, it would be scooped up by one very precious little boy...
and it was.
He was entranced, watching the miniature waltzing figures....

How grateful I am for this sweet gift,
but moreover,
I am thankful for the sweet gift of friendship.

Much love to you "Our Mary" from your kindred in the cottage.

Blessings to you, my friends, as we enjoy the home and hearth through this season,



  1. This is my first visit to your sweet cottage blog. I found you through Marqueta's. Very nice to meet you!

  2. How sweet of you to give Bella her own little stove. Thank you for the honorable mention! Oh how beautiful is everything you shared in this post. You are a wonderful artist and that door is absolutely gorgeous!



  3. What a lovely home you have! Surely a joy to all of your grandchildren when they come to visit. You make it so inviting and fun.

  4. Dear Christie,

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas at your lovely Cottage!

    How kind of Mary to give you the sweet little music box! We can see how Xavier is quite taken with it!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant

  5. Grammy dear ~ Not a word since January? I know you must be knee deep in book signings,
    working on the new adventure, etc., but we want to know what is filling your days at
    the Cottage and if Spring has Sprung in your corner of TN as yet...amd when Scout and
    Xavier can come out to play.....Your public wants to know.....
    Blessings ~

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